I'm writing everyday occurrence.
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 Souvenir rush
2012年09月03日 (月) | 編集 |
I received foreign souvenirs again.

These are from my co-worker who had been to Korea.
Facial masks and Korean hot pepper paste (Gouchujang)!


The following shows chocolates from a student who went on a business trip to Switzerland.


Vita on my lap is watching them on a desk with great interest.


Thank you very much!!


2012年08月27日 (月) | 編集 |

Chocolates and candies, from Denmark and USA, respectively!
In my English class, some people had a nice vacation.
Thank you!

 The talk by Israeli
2011年06月19日 (日) | 編集 |
Today, I attended the lecture presentation by Israeli.
It was held by my English teacher.
She seems to begin holding the lecture meeting sometimes from this May.
I didn't attend the last meeting, and today was the first time for me.

The presenter was a young female Israeli.
The talk was about religious, life style, foods and custom in her country.

Israeli is Jewish country.
Historically, they moved to various foreign countries.
So, her relatives also live in US, France, Australia, etc.
And many people came back to Israel.
Moreover, her country is located next to Egypt.
Therefore, that the foods and culture are mix from the effect of a lot of foreign countries.
The main languages are Hebrew word, English and Arabic.
But she said that Hebrew word died 200 years ago.
(I couldn't catch well, but I think Hebrew word which she said means the classic Hebrew word.)
It's interesting!

In Israel, most of men work at army, while women get an education-related job.
My English teacher said, "In Israel, the education level is very high!".
As I recall, I watched the news on TV.
After the great earthquake on East Japan, a team of doctors came to Tohoku area
with current medical devices.

Her talk was interesting but difficult for me.
It was half that I could catch of her talk.
I want to catch more!

 Strawberry shortcake
2010年09月29日 (水) | 編集 |
Today, I ate a strawberry shortcake in my office.
In my office, a lot of foreigners come from Southeast Asia and Africa for business.

Today, I heard an interesting story from my boss.

Boss: Before, some foreigners bought shortcakes as a souvenir when they leave Japan.
Romi: What!? It's unbaked cake! They need several hours to half a day and more to arrive their home.
The shortcake goes off at normal temperature!
Boss: They can't eat so delicious cake like this in their country.
So, even if cakes go off, they want their family to eat.
Romi: Oh! Really?
Boss: Japanese cakes are more delicious than other countries.

He always goes overseas for business, and knows well about the life in various advancing countries.
I want to go more various countries and see their life in the future.

 Souvenir 2
2010年09月24日 (金) | 編集 |
The day before yesterday, my co-workers gave me souvenirs.

It's "Yubeshi" from Yamagata.
"Yubeshi" means the steaky rice cake made from steaky rice and sometimes sesame, etc.
Left one is green tea flavor.
Right one includes walnut and sesame.


It's from Viet Nam.
Right one is dried Jackfruit chips.
Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) is the fruit in south-eastern Asia, Africa and Brazil.
I like this chips.
I want to eat real Jackfruit in the future.


Thank you very much!

2010年09月13日 (月) | 編集 |
Recently, I received souvenirs from several acquaintances.

This one is from Costa Rica.
It's chocolate with passion fruit.

It's hand soap from U.S.A.
Why do hand soap and shampoo made in U.S.A smell good?
I loved it!

It's sugar candy from Kyoto.

Final one is from Korea.
It's Korean laver.

I'm thrilled!
Thank you, Everyone!

 Travel from Vietnam to Japan
2010年05月18日 (火) | 編集 |
My coworker, Vietnamese wants to invite her family from Vietnam.
They have to get Visa.

From yesterday to today, I knew for the first time, that it's difficult for Vietnamese to get Visa even in the case of just sightseeing.
It's the reason why some Vietnamese work illegally in Japan.
So, they need the certificates of personal reference in Japan and their work in Vietnam.

it takes a lot of trouble with just sightseeing.

I understood that I didn't know about developing countries more than I thought.
When I visited to Brazil and Russia etc. I saw only beautiful or good points in each country.

I had better to be interested in social background in each country.


 Cherry blossom tunnel
2010年04月11日 (日) | 編集 |

It's the famous site of cherry blossom in my town.
Many people came there to enjoy cherry blossom viewing this weekend.

I also enjoyed with my friend, Vietnamese.
We saw several young Vietnamese by chance.
They said that they are students in nearby University.
One of them said to me.
"Japan has four seasons. It's good.
Vietnam has only two season."
She seems to come from south Vietnam, since I had heard north Vietnam has four season.

After enjoying cherry blossoms, my friend cook Vietnam foods for me in her room.
Lef dish is Vietnam spring roll.
It contained pork, cloud ear and noodle.
It was delicious.
I had a good time.