I'm writing everyday occurrence.
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 Knockdown blow!
2010年01月31日 (日) | 編集 |
Last night I received one postcard.
From the animal hospital.

"The clinic will close on March 14.
Thank you for using the clinic until now."

I'm shocked!

I have depended on the clinic very much, since the staffs have cared 
my cat every my trip.

They are very conscientious.
Vita has been a patient and a friend at the clinic since she became a member of my family.
There is a male cat at the clinic and he loves my cat.
So, he used to stare at Vita everytime she stays in the clinic.

I bring back memories.

It's insecure that the people who I have depended on will disappear.

I have to look for substitute.

"Do you understand such a big deal?"



2010年01月28日 (木) | 編集 |
Recently  I get tired  at around 17 o'clock.
Ache forces me to wake a lot during the night almost every day.
And that it's raining today. 
It can't help it.

I need to improve strength.
And strong mind.

I haven't swum since my favorite swimming pool is 
under construction of earthquake resistance.
Instead, I'll perform exercise in my room.

 Ache on awakening
2010年01月27日 (水) | 編集 |
This month I have continuing ache of chronic disease every day.
Particularly morning.
When I wake up, digits of the hand feel strong ache in bed.

If the ache of digits of both hands continue for over an hour after waking up 
and it continue for six weeks and more, chronic rheumatism is suspected.
Thirty percent of sufferers from palindromic rheumatism become chronic rheumatism.
But almost such a case occur within the first 2 years of onset of palindromic 
rheumatism, I heard.
I'll be OK.
Because morning ache go away within 30 minutes.

 Tom Kha Gai
2010年01月25日 (月) | 編集 |
Last night, I cook "Tom Kha Gai.It's Thai soup.
Chicken meat, mushroom and other vegetables were stewed in coconuts milk and herb.
The taste is little hot and delicious.

Thai cooking is good.
It's good taste and good for the body since I can eat many kinds of vegetables on one dish.

By chance, I got a Thai souvenir from an acquaintance who came back from Thailand.
Glico's Pocky.
Japanese cheap sweets are popular in Thailand, aren't it?


2010年01月22日 (金) | 編集 |
Jucheim is synonymous with Baumkuchen in Japan.

I don't like cream-filled and sponge-type cake like shortcake well.
But I love Baumkuchen.
Jucheim Baumkuchen coated white chocolate is the best of all.


A good tea and Jucheim.
I'm glad.

 Difficult to type
2010年01月18日 (月) | 編集 |
The ache of limb is serious today too.
Because of coldness?
It's difficult to type this writing.
Good night.

2010年01月16日 (土) | 編集 |
Now I want to eat Baumkuchen.
Hmm・・・・want to eat, want to eat, want to eat.
I get to bed before the desire become big anymore.

2010年01月16日 (土) | 編集 |

It's today's dinner.
I eat udon and yogurt almost every day this week.
I feel my stomach is better at last.
So, I'll eat normal diet from tomorrow.

 Regular exam
2010年01月14日 (木) | 編集 |
Today was regular rheumatic exam.
Blood exam and urine testing.
An hour later, test results (MP3, CRP) were available.
CRP is the index to show joint inflammation.  
Today's CRP was 0.4.
It has been less than 0.3 (normal value) for six month・・・. 
It may be high as a result of a fever last weekend.
The ache of limb has been serious for a few days.
Now I go to sleep.
Good night.

 Swin flu2
2010年01月13日 (水) | 編集 |
I turned on a halogen heater, as soon as I came back from a hospital.

Vita: Cold! Hold me! Hold on your lap!"
Romi: Hmm? The heater isn't working.

I tried to turn on the switch many times, but it wasn't work.

I had a fever of over 38℃. I wanted to keep a room warm to go to bed.
I had to repair the heater.
I opened a cover around the switch and checked inside.
It was a bad connection.

She was talking endlessly to me. 
But what to do first was repairing the heater.

While I was working, I smelled something awful.

Vita lost her lunch on a carpet.
She sometimes loses her lunch when I ignore her.

I had a fever. I wanted to go to bed as early as possible.

Romi: At a terrible time like this!

The time I went to bed was after another hour.

Vita got in my bed.
After that, she was a good girl (cat).