I'm writing everyday occurrence.
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2010年02月27日 (土) | 編集 |

I like all'arrabbiata recently.
I use bacon and commercial all'arrabbiata.
Ut's good.
But I have to make sure I don't eat too much, because it's oily.


 Eel pie V.S.O.P.
2010年02月26日 (金) | 編集 |
Good work, this week.

Mao Asada won a silver medal,
I watched the drama "Syukumei",
and I ate eel pie.
Nice night.


I ate "eel pie V.S.O.P." for the first time.
It's different from familiar eel pie and smells generous.

I'm sure I can sleep soundly.

2010年02月25日 (木) | 編集 |
There is the roadkill point on the road near my house.

When I drove there tonight, a Japanese raccoon jumped in front of my car.
It was very finely timed like a cat!

If I didn't go at crawl, I would make a roadkill.

Vita is sleeping well.
"Don't go out, Vita, Good night."


 Dental clinic
2010年02月21日 (日) | 編集 |
I went to dental clinic because yesterday's mouth inflammations 
grew to of 5mm or larger in its diameter.


I just wanted drugs for mouth inflammations and 
told a dental assistant about my terrible condition.
She started to wash my teeth.
I though that washing teeth was necessary in the treatment of mouth inflammations.
But it was hurt! Because washing apparatus moved on mouth inflammations.

Romi: Excuse me! Please don't stop! It's hurt!
         Please look! I have 7 mouth inflammations !
         I just want drugs.

She looked a little startled.
Finally a dentist came to me.

Dentist:We can't easily prescribe drugs for mouth inflammations
              because pharmaceutical affairs law was revised last June.
              So, I’ll just apply ointment here.
              There is nothing we can do except it.

Romi: I use Azulfidine and Loxonin every day.
          A specialist for rheumatism said that those may produce 
          mouth inflammations as its side-effects.
          I usually have several mouth inflammations.
          Could you prescribe me an ointment?
    I can't get "kenalog" at a drug store after last June.
I explained my circumstances at great length.
He checked affected part.

Dentist:I see. Apparently, your mouth inflammations is multiple.
              OK. I'll prescribe an ointment called Aphtasolon.

Romi: Thank you very much.

I wanted him to see my affected parts by himself at the first stage before he 
directed a dental assistant to wash my teeth.

It's important to follow the law but I think doctors increase who go through the drill 
without sitting down and listening to patients.


 Noboribetsu hot spring
2010年02月21日 (日) | 編集 |
Brr, cold.
It was so warm during the day.

There's nothing like a hot spring at night like today.
It's my favorite bath additive.


It's popular products called "Noboribetsu-Karurusu" from Tsumura.
"Noboribetsu" is located in Hokkaido, the northern-most island in Japan, and well-known for its hot spring. 
We can find this bottle in "Nihon no meitou" series at most drug stores, although we can't get other bottles like "Yamashiro".

I'll get warm with this now. (iso iso)

2010年02月21日 (日) | 編集 |
Mouth inflammations deteriorated. I have 7-8 mouth inflammations now.
They changed my lip form shape.
It hurts.
It's difficult to eat meal.
I wonder I should go to dental clinic・・・.

 Mouth inflammations
2010年02月17日 (水) | 編集 |
I have four mouth inflammations this week.
It looks like snow.
It's frequently snowing this February.
I have ache of y shoulders when it's snowing.
I'm going to read “Bicchi Magnet" by Ohtaro Maijo in bed.

 What do you place importance on now?
2010年02月16日 (火) | 編集 |
To like what you don't like, you need huge amount of energy.
You should place importance on what you like now.
                                               by Romi  
                                                       16 Feb. 2010   

 Cat's courting season
2010年02月15日 (月) | 編集 |
I hear cry of a male cat every night since last week.
It's courting cry.

I go to bed with Vita every night, 
but she goes out bed as soon as the cry comes from outside.

She says "Open a window!"

・・・I know! You just want to look!!

↓  Bingo


It's cooooooooooold!

 Happy Valentine's Day!
2010年02月14日 (日) | 編集 |
Today is Valentine’s day.

There are many colorful and cute chocolates in the food section 
of a department store in this season every year.

Do you know why Valentine’s day's gift is the chocolate is in Japan?

There are several theories but widely-accepted one is Morozov.
Morozov is one of the most famous confectionary companies in Japan.
Russian opened the first shop in Kobe prior to the second world war.
At that time, there were many confectionaries by Westerners in Kobe.
   (Like Juccheim

In 1936, Morozov started selling chocolates as a Valentine's day's gift
 for the first time in Japan.
I think it's the reason why Valentine Sale is very popular in Kansai district;
the scale of chocolate section of Hankyu-Umeda department store is the largest in Japan.
In addition, famous department stores in Tokyo prefer to sell elegant bland-name chocolates from overseas but there is Morozov in even such a section. 

Morozov has been familiar to me, because I have often eaten it since my childhood in Hyogo prefecture.
So, Morozov is special for me.

I enjoy looking around in chocolate section 
and buying one for me except for a gift every year.
By the way, the chocolate I bought for me this year is the followings.


It's white Lindor of Lindt.
I ate for the first time.
It was smooth chocolate!