I'm writing everyday occurrence.
--年--月--日 (--) | 編集 |

2010年10月27日 (水) | 編集 |

Yesterday, I pick up a little autumn.
Temperature rapidly decreased for a few days.
The maximum temperature is about 13 ℃.
It gets cold at night.
Maybe, I'll prepare a blanket for winter.

2010年10月22日 (金) | 編集 |
My stiffness and kink are sometimes heavy.
Now, I feel heavy stiffness around waist and kink from neck to shoulder.
I have to swim every week.
I haven't swim at all.
I swam for the first time in six month, and then, I feel more stiffness and kink.
And I have to do stretching exercise every day.
Because I have to take a plane several times for a long time next month.
If I don't do stretching exercise, I'm sure I feel stiffness like the Brazil travel ten years ago.

Oh! I'm hearing Vananarama's music on NHK.
What a fond memory!


 Severe pain on right knee
2010年10月13日 (水) | 編集 |
I have pain on my right leg and all fingers, but I did all right today.
I attended also English class.

Today's pain is severe.
I‘m going to go to bed, so that I can rest up for tomorrow.

 13 assassins
2010年10月10日 (日) | 編集 |
I watched the movie called "13 assassins".

Title: 13 assassins
Director: Takashi Miike
Year: 2010
Country: Japan

In the end of edo ero, there is a crazy domain head.
He had commit horrible atrocities to common people.
Then, a courageous man decided the assassination.
He collected 12 assassins and found the best way to kill the domain head.
He bought a village and set up a lot of trap.
And the domain head entered the village.
However, the domain head's group included more than 200 soldiers!
Only 13 assassins fight the uphill battle.

As a result, 13 assassins succeeded in killing the domain head.
Survivor was only 2 out of 13 assassins.

-My impression-
Koji Yakusho who played a main character was so cool!
And Goro Inagaki was typecast for the crazy domain head.
It was a nice movie.

 Hijiki gohan
2010年10月06日 (水) | 編集 |
I eat seaweed as much as possible.
Because I want to take in mineral for health.

The left dish in the following photo is "Hijiki fried rice".


"Hijiki" is one of seaweeds.
Japanese often eat it.
I always stock Hijiki in my food shelf.

 Cerebral anemia?
2010年10月03日 (日) | 編集 |
I feel my head swim.
Is it like cerebral anemia?
I feel pain on my limb too as usual.
I have spent almost all day in this weekend.
What could be wrong?

 Firework in October
2010年10月02日 (土) | 編集 |
I have heard the distant sound of fireworks exploding for one hour.
Vita is not herself, because she dislike the sound of fireworks.

Oh! Today is the day of the big fireworks display!
In my town, several fireworks display are held also in autumn.
We can enjoy fireworks for a long period.

We are already in October.

 Japanese in overseas
2010年10月01日 (金) | 編集 |
I read this book half a month ago.


Title: The jokes that expressed Japanese in the world
Author: Takashi Hayasaka
Year: 2006
Publication: Chuokoron Shinsya (Tokyo, Japan)

I could know how foreigners see Japanese.
Most of the foreigners mainly view Japanese as below.

1. Japanese is aggregative.
2. Japanese businessmen are hard workers.
3. Japanese businessmen are very loyal to their companies.

No.1 is true.
But No.2 and 3 are somewhat different now.
Because Japanese companies changed from lifetime employment system to merit-based system.
Moreover, there are a lot of contact employees in Japan.
I think Japanese that practice loyalty to their companies have decreased year by year.

I remember the song "Regain".
But now, I think the following song is not fit into the present Japanese businessmen.
Because recently, the precision equipment makers of Korean or other Asian countries are high-performing in the world.


Yellow and black are the symbol of courage.
Can you fight for 24 hours?
Regain, regain
Our regain.
Business case is the symbol of courage.
Can you fight in the world?
Businessmen, businessmen,
Japanese businessmen!

Song: Hideki Kuroda
Writing: Tatsuro Kondo
Translation: Romi