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 Why do foods get complex?
2011年01月14日 (金) | 編集 |
I went to octopus dumpling shop, "Shin-tako" after so long.
I love the taste of sesame sauce at that shop.

there was not sesame sauce menu!!!
Jesus Chrisis!

Instead of that, I found the taste of "Ebi chiri".

Why? Why do they put Ebi chiri sauce on octopus dumpling???
Octopus dumpling is born from Japanese culture.
So, the sauce which is match to octopus dumpling is sesame sauce, not Ebi chiri!!
Actually, Ebi-chiri is born in Japan, but Ebi chiri is thought-up by Chinese cook!!
That taste is Chinese one!!

Recently, tastes in Japan has got complex, I think.
For instance, take out pizza menu.
So many cooking ingredients are put on one pizza.
And, we can say same thing about decorated pocky.
Much chocolate are put on one pocky.

Simple is better than complex taste・・・.

Am I part of the old generation?

2011年01月09日 (日) | 編集 |
Yesterday, I bought raw beets.
In Japan, it's difficult to get a raw beet except for urban areas.

When I was a child, my mother used to cook borsht.
So, borsht is one of mother's cookings for me.


It was boiled up for 3 hours.
The meat is beef hind shank.
It's delicious!

 Omelet including scallop and long green onion
2011年01月05日 (水) | 編集 |

I tried to cook omelet with scallop and long green onion.
Scallop is from a can.
The taste is so and so.

 Chicken Nanban
2011年01月02日 (日) | 編集 |

It's "Chicken Naban".
My friend told me how to cook this, when I was a University student.
It's one of my favorite cookings.