I'm writing everyday occurrence.
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 The cat on the cow!
2012年02月28日 (火) | 編集 |

It's the photo sent from Hokkaido.
I heard it's -20℃ there.
This winter is colder than usual.
It seems like it's going to snow tomorrow in Kanto area.
Good night.

 Vita in a blanket
2012年02月18日 (土) | 編集 |

Today also is cold.
The purple microfiber blanket is Vita's favorite.
She likes her head over the blanket.

2012年02月17日 (金) | 編集 |

This morning also was snow.
It's a bother to remove snow on my car.
So, I used a bus to go to work.

But I found that I had only the 5.000 yen note!!
A bus driver said, "You can't that note. If you can't pay the fare in small change,
you can pay the next time."

How kind!!!
He didn't make wisecracks.
He is really a person with broad mind.

 Regular exam
2012年02月16日 (木) | 編集 |
Today was the regular exam of palindormic rheumatism.
CRP was 1.5.
Little high.
Recently the value had been low.
Exactly, I have had uncomfortable feeling on my joints, but no painful.
I wonder it's depend on my biorhythm?
I don't know the reason.

 Hamamatsu dumpling
2012年02月12日 (日) | 編集 |

I tried Hamamatsu dumpling for the first time.
Very delicious!!!!
I feel it without sauce.


The news said the consumed amount of dumpling in Hamamatsu is the best in Japan.

2012年02月02日 (木) | 編集 |
It was a beautiful day today.
I walked for lunch break after a long interval.
Recently I skip put on exercise because of cold.

I can't wait spring.


 New HV car
2012年02月01日 (水) | 編集 |
I want Aqua produced by TOYOTA.
Because it's a compact car but hybrid.
Shape is COOl!
Color is CUTE!
Price is NOT so expensive!

Ah~ WANT!!!

I hope I can buy it at least 5 years later.