I'm writing everyday occurrence.
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 Hagi-ware and I
2013年11月14日 (木) | 編集 |
I will wrtie about my childhood a little.

When I was a child, I sometimes visited the Hadano's house.
My mother and Kayoko aunt had attached to each other.
Another reason why I visited them was that I had painted pictures of kilns to fire potterries.
I tried to make a presentation for various art shows at that time,
because my art teacher of my elementary school encouraged me to do so.

The Hadano's house was an old samurai resistances.

Extensive ground,
the great vase made by Zenzo uncle at the entrance,
the tearoom for Japanese traditional tea,
the atelier for Zenso uncle's apprentice,
the kilns to fire Hagi-ware,
and a lot of lovely cats.

I was painting a picture in the atelier or near kilns weekend.
It was at this time, October or November.

After I finish to paint, I sat under the kotatsu with cats, and drank a tea of Hagi-ware.

Every time I visited that house, I didn't want to go back my home, because there was very cosy for me.


2013年11月11日 (月) | 編集 |

My relative who is a potter artist will get the 2013 autumn "Jokun" by the Imperial Household.
I heard he will court the Emperor at the Imperial Palace tomorrow.

Persistence pays off. Just keep trying.

Uncle Zenzo, congratulations!!!

 The place where Temuco sleeps at night
2013年11月09日 (土) | 編集 |
Yesterday was a beginning of winter ("Ritto").
Ir was cold last night.
But Temuco didn't sleep in my bed.
After I turn off a heater at night, she enter a closet and stays there till morning.
Sleeping with me is warmer for her definitely・・・.



 Recent menu
2013年11月08日 (金) | 編集 |
Hashed beef and rice

Sandwiches (Bacon & Tomato, Tuna)
Bacon & tomato is my best favorite taste.
My mother cooked when I was a child.

Boiled taro with light brown miso and butter
This is not so good・・・.
The taste was like potato with butter.

Udon with fried tube-shaped fish paste wrapped in green laver

Spaghetti Napolitana
I don't like well, but I didn't go shopping on that day.
So, I made it of only foods in my refrigerator.