I'm writing everyday occurrence.
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2014年06月22日 (日) | 編集 |
A swallow built a nest at my door.


I heard the cry of babies from the nest at the first time on June 11.

Then, now is the following picture.


They seem to open their eyes.
At any rate, the nest is too small for them・・・・.
I'm apprehensive that they may fall down from the nest before fledging.


 How many times?
2014年06月21日 (土) | 編集 |
Here is the middle of the life.
I'd like to make the second half to be deep and adventurous life.

 Trapped in the bathroom.
2014年06月14日 (土) | 編集 |
The door of the bathroom was opened, and the wind from the opened the window closed the door.

I heard "Mew, mew!!" after a period time.
I who was doing desk work thought Temuco called me in a bed room.
But she didn't stop to cry.
I went and check her・・・.
She was trapped in the bathroom!!!

"I'm sorry for not coming soon!!"

I'm glad that it's not while I sleep.


Temuco, it's little cool tonight, isn't it?

2014年06月05日 (木) | 編集 |
I received the medical examination of palindrmic rheumatism.


The CRP was 0.7.
It was 1.8 a few years ago.
I want to reduce it.
The sleep loss isn't good.
I'll take care.