I'm writing everyday occurrence.
--年--月--日 (--) | 編集 |

2014年09月23日 (火) | 編集 |
I wonder whether I perform cold water ablutions by a fall.

2014年09月20日 (土) | 編集 |
One month ago, The gas leakage occurred in my lab.
The source origin was an unused gas burner.
The PI found smell odor of gas when he walked along the corridor on August 18.

The trouble occurred before the person of fraud in application for employment left from my lab.
The PI and my boss doubted he is the criminal, but we don't know the truth.

We have locked all doors since then.
Because he may breaks into my lab.

Honestly, messy. Especially on holidays.
But it can't be helped for the sake of safety.

Oh, Temuco quiets my fears.


 Preparation completion
2014年09月17日 (水) | 編集 |
Just now, I completed the preparation of the midterme research presentaion of this annual year, for Friday.
Tomorrow, I'll count many eggs.

By the way, I heard a shock from my co-worker.
Most of distinguised researchers want to transfer to academic circumstances.

 Blanket drying machine
2014年09月15日 (月) | 編集 |
When I dried my futon, Temuco came to the bed room.

She stopped at the entrance, and came close to the futon on a cautious note.
She looked a little startled, because she saw a futon drying machine.


 Pão de queijo
2014年09月14日 (日) | 編集 |
I ccok "Pão de queijo" for the first time.
(I used "Pão de queijo mix".)
Maybe, is it overcooking?

Soft chewy texture!
I think Japanese who like sticky rice cake ("mochi)", love that texture of pão de queijo.
The taste is also good!


2014年09月13日 (土) | 編集 |
After I got a week's worth of laundry done, I experimented half a day in the institute.
I found the sound of firework on the way home.
"Oh, today is the festibval of my town." I remembered.

I could see fireworks from my balcony.
After that, I went out to the near shurine.
Food stalls lines there.


A girl was fascinated with "Katanuki".
Her mother said, "Stop doing now!!"
The girl said, "I can't! Because it's interesting."

"Hey, girl. Make the most." I said so in my heart.


2014年09月13日 (土) | 編集 |
Foods I ate recently

140913-1, 140826マスカットS

140913-2, 140907スイカS
Watermelon!! (love)

140913-3, 140720鮭のポン酢バターソテーS
Saute of salmon with butter and ponzu sauce

140913-4, 140811なす・きゅうり・みょうがの和え物 S
Marinated egg plant, cucumber and Japanese ginger

140913-5, 140826帆立とキュウリのうま煮S
Simmered scallop and cucumber (taste good!)

140913-6, 140826ピーマンと笹かまぼこの和え物-1S
Marinated green pepper and fish sausage

140913-7, 140828ゴーヤ味噌チャンプルS
Stir-fried bitter gourd with miso

140913-8, ゴーヤチャンプルS
Stir-fried bitter gourd

140913-9, 140907カップ麺、ホームラン軒S
Cup noodles

 Lunch party
2014年09月12日 (金) | 編集 |
In my lab, we had a special lunch at the restaurant.
The telephone number of this restaurant is non-disclosure.
We can't reserve tables.
It's very popular around here.


Bowl of rice topped with sashimi (popular menu)

We could enjoy it. Lucky!

 Interspace 2
2014年09月08日 (月) | 編集 |
Temuco is in a closet.
Today, she had took a nap for a few hours there.


Temuco: Is there any problem?

 Chinese preserving melon
2014年09月06日 (土) | 編集 |
Recently, I try to cook a chinese preserving melon.


The upper left is boiled that melon and chicken grind meat.
I heard if we preserve it under ventilation characteristic condition, it can be kept till winter.
It is responsible for its name.
I wonder this melon can be kept till winter.