I'm writing everyday occurrence.
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 The events in 2014
2014年12月31日 (水) | 編集 |
#1 Payroll clerks in my institues missed on my annual adjustment of a previous year.
I spent one month before this event was conluded.

#2 I cretaed a application letter to a research institute for 3 days.

#1 My application passed an initial screening of #2 of January.
I went to an interview, but I knew the candicate of that job application was decided
before the recruitment information was annouced officially.
   In a word, I was a stalking-horse.

#2 My co-worker, T start doubting me, "Perhaps, Romi feigns her experimental data."
Of course, what he said is completely unfouded.

#3 I recieved the news of my aunt's death.

#1 I received an acceptance letter of a part-time lecture from M University.

#1 I started commute M University for two hours and half every Tuesday for lecture.

#1 I had worked through the weekend, because of many experiments and preparation of a Tuesday's lecture.

#2 Payroll clerks missed once again.
I sufferred damage ecomonically.
They are in fault by law defenitly!!

#1 My co-worker, T made a row. "Romi feigns her data definitely!!
I will bring a charge to several academic societies, newspaper companies and mass meida!!!"

#2 I received the news of Prof. T's last hospital admission.

#1 I was forced (useless) witnessed experiments for my co-worker, T for one month.
Security camera was set up in lab.

#2 I set exam questions for the first time.

#3 My other co-worker (previous boss) took a leave of absence due to illness.
Perhaps he will not return because his retirement comes in only one year and half.

#4 I recieved the news of Prof. T's death.

#1 It was found out that my co-worker, T feign his all experimental data!!
My boss and other supervisors offered early retirement to him.

#2 After that co-worker, T left a lab, we found several important experimental tools
   including primer RNA, TLC developing trough and so on.
#3 His fraud in application for employment was found out.

#1 My boss applied for a position as professor of TH University.
If he passes, I will be out of work, or part-time worker・・・・.
I respect him as a researcher・・・・. I don't want him to move Sendai.

#2 I and my boss have made T's experiments. All experiments. Because we can't believe T's data.
Our recent data were quiet different from him!!!

#3 We knew T's new false impersonations.

#4 My laboratory chief received an invoice from TDM University.
TDM University said, "Mr. T did a course in TDM University in September.
But he didn't pay a registration fee yet. So, please pay instead of him."
Of course, my boss denied.

May peace and happy be upon me for 2015 !!!

 Okinawa fu (gluten)
2014年12月30日 (火) | 編集 |

Fu chanpuru (stir-fried vehhies and gluten is good in a resutaurant "Yanbaru dining kichen" near Nago bus teriminal.
Okinawa fu is different from that of the main island of Japan.
It's bouncy. I like it!!
I will buy Okinawa fu at supermarket during my stay.

2014年12月29日 (月) | 編集 |
I will be in Nago, north area of Okinawa main land from tomorrow.
Now, in preparation for that trip.

 X'mas party
2014年12月26日 (金) | 編集 |
I had X'mas party for lunch today.
More than half of members were ladies.

Special chiken, french-fried potato, Bagna cauda, cheese, apples, Japanese persimon. etc.
I brought Pao de queijo.

Desert was Tops chocolate cake. I ate this shop's cake for the first time.


I had fun very much!!

 The coming of winter
2014年12月08日 (月) | 編集 |
It's getting cold for real!
Today, I can get in a bath!!

 Automobile safety inspection
2014年12月03日 (水) | 編集 |
I got a car safety inspection today.

The store manager introduced himself with a smile all the way, while waiting.
It's the first time!! (although today is the fourth inspection for my car)

When I made the estimate last week, I said a clerk,
"I may buy a car till next safety inspection, because the present car is 15 years old ."
He wants me to buy a new car at his store.

 Act for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation
2014年12月02日 (火) | 編集 |
In Japan, Act for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation is in force.
Therefore, in some of recent recruitment infomatins,
the persons who have cared for thier children have an advantage for adoption.

Today, I found the sentence of
"If you had droped your work because of rasing a child,
please write it on your resume
." in an independent administrative institution's
recruitment information.

I think this sentence is not good for the women who are not able to have any children.
However, all women who were adopted in that instituion for several years, have children in fact.
The women who don't have a child has a disadvantage for adoption.

 Recent menu
2014年12月01日 (月) | 編集 |
Fried bean-curd stuffed with stir-fried rice with egg and fish sauce (Nam pla)

Stir-fried shrimp, cucumber and celery with doubanjiang

Peanut tofu

Chiken and broccoli salada dressed with mayonnaise and garlic

Jelly fish, chiken tender and cucumber dressed with Chinese sauce

Stir-fried chiken tender and green pepper with miso

Wheat noodle (Udon) with egg-drop, turnipy and crab

Spring rolls, Boiled taro dressed with peanuts, Chinese greens soup