I'm writing everyday occurrence.
--年--月--日 (--) | 編集 |

 The second day
2015年04月14日 (火) | 編集 |
Today's menu of the lectures were about communication, safety in a job, and mental health.
From 7:00 pm, members who stayed in a guest hotel gathered in a lobby in the front of an elevator.
We talked and drank.
I enjoyed the young fresh members that are 20's or 30's years old.

I want to tell M about this good time.
I wonder I write a letter to M, after I go home in M prefecture.

 The first day of the job-training course
2015年04月13日 (月) | 編集 |
Today was the first day of the training course and the party with executives.

Other fresh recruit are really vigorous.
There were many members from regional university, not Tokyo Univ.
Same as me.
I decided I will do better work than them definitely!
I want to overtake M.

 The past month
2015年04月12日 (日) | 編集 |
I changed both a place to live and a job during the past month.
I had spent a very busy month.
Furthermore, it will continue another two months.
I have a research scheme presentation of an annual year on May 14,
and a research report presentation in early June.

Today, I came back to my previous town temporarily.
The training course will continue for a week from tomorrow.

I went to a professor's grave in Tokorozawa along the way.
Thereafter, I encountered that a trouble had delayed the Yamanote line (Tokyo train).

The trouble of Yamanote line

My friend helped me and I can arrived here (a guest hotel for researchers) before check-in.
Thank you R (and her children)!!