I'm writing everyday occurrence.
--年--月--日 (--) | 編集 |

 Institute in the weekend
2015年06月27日 (土) | 編集 |
I go to a lab at 7: 00 almost every weekend.
There are a chatterers around my office.
Skylark, Alauda arvensis.


Last week, I saw the Red-ramped swallow, Hirundo daurica in front of the entrance of my office for the first time.
I heard also the voice of Northern Goshawk, Accipiter gentilis near the insect rearing room.

I will work hard till December, and then I want to enjoy bird watching in the year-end holiday.

 Birth day
2015年06月21日 (日) | 編集 |
Today is my birth day.
Unfourtunately, I had a drop og fever and slept out all day.
Temuco is around me every minute.
Thank you, Temuco.

I will spend the year of more research conpared to usual years.

 The job of the previous lab
2015年06月17日 (水) | 編集 |
FInally, I finished the data reduction which I did at the previous lab.
A replacement experiments to verify the reproducibility of them.
I'm looking foward to the end result of that research.

By the way, I saw the following view.


Several egret are eating foods in the paddy field.
There are really many birds around here.
Such a view mellows me.

 Key trouble!
2015年06月13日 (土) | 編集 |
I locked the front door.
When I took out the key, it buckled!!!

It was the first time that I saw buckled key!

I brought a key trouble service shop soon.
The clerk said, "Hmm, it's aged deterioration.
If you continued to use it, it will fracture inside the key hole.
Can I make a spare key?"
"Yes, please!" I answered,

The clerk said, "You had better to use not an original key but a spare one."

When I moved to a new room, I usually ask to make a spare key soon.
But this time, I didn't, because I had been very busy.

Not to fracturing inside the key hole is lucky it wasn't wrose.
Thank you, a kind clerk!

↑Sitting at the window is Temuco's morning routine.

 Document submitted
2015年06月12日 (金) | 編集 |
I received a e-mail attached documents submietted from a leader of our unit.

The day before yeasterday, a boss of my lab said to me,
"We need not to submit this homework.
I ignore. I won't send any e-mail to the leader."

I thought, "He is all abroad. The leader wants to know our idea."
But short of time.
So, I deceided a species of vegetable at least, and submitted a document to a leader.

Most documents of other groups were good.
I'm ashamed and sorry.
I should have done something much eariler, although my boss even if he got crabby.
Because we have received research funding.

 Our orange blanket
2015年06月10日 (水) | 編集 |
I was in major shock.

An ordinary affairs of a cleaning company telephoned to me this morning.
She said,
"We apologize for you. Actually, we lossed your blanket which we kept on May 22 to dry-clean."


Honestly speaking, I wanted to complain.
But I heard that all staff of that company have searched for three weeks till now.
I felt she was with guilt written all over her talk.
Furthermore, her manner ringed with sincerity.
So, I allowed her company's miss.

Oh! That blanket is for M.
And late Duruko liked it very very much.
The orange blanket of my cherished memories.

↑Duruko on the orange blanket of the past

 Crab on the rainy day
2015年06月09日 (火) | 編集 |
It rained al the mornig.
A crab appeared in the front of insect rearing building.
I wonder Japanese freshwater crab?
The crab cut right in front of me rapidly in the rain.


By the way,
today, I carried an old HPLC (that had got dusty for many years) to a experimental room at last.
It has no PC for workstation and an integrater.
There is a PC out of use in my lab.
The catalog said an integrater is about "300,000 yen" !!!
Oh, my god!

I know there is one female researcher of other lab has several HPLC.
But she has suffered from mental illness, and been forbidden contacting with other people.
Wheather to ask her, "Could I use your HPLC sometimes?"・・・・・.

2015年06月07日 (日) | 編集 |
Several monkeys trotted across the road, when I drived near my office last evenig.
My office is located on the mountainside.
So, I heard not only monkeys and also deers appear sometimes.
It seems that monkeys aroud here prefer a egg plant rather than a tomato and a pepper.

 Lovely baybies
2015年06月06日 (土) | 編集 |

I saw the mother and baybies of Grey duck, Anas poecilorhyncha zonorhyncha.
It's the child-rearing season for birds.
This town is a region richly endowed with nature.
Many many birds live around here.